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In order to provide for congenial occupancy of the Condominium and for protection of the value of the Units, the use of condominium property shall be subject to the following Rules and Regulations.


These Rules and Regulations shall apply to each owner, tenant, and their families and guests.


1)  No unit in the Condominium may be used for other than recreational boating purposes, and the Harbor Landing property shall be used only for purposes consistent with such use.  All new owners, renters, and other occupants moving into or out of the property, are required to notify the Management Company.


2)  Prior to occupancy, the slip owner shall furnish the Management Company with the name of the vessel, overall length of the vessel, name of the owner, and the authorized period that another vessel is permitted to occupy the owner's slip. Any vessel to whichthe Management Company has not been furnished such information may be refused access to the slip, or be granted moorage at current transient rates, either in the owner's slip or elsewhere as the Management Company may determine.


3)   Before any tenant shall be allowed to occupy a leased slip, a completed "Harbor

Landing Registration Form" shall be furnished to the Management Company.


4)  The Rules of the Road and the Navigation Laws of the United States shall apply to all vessels in Harbor Landing.


5)  No boat or personal watercraft shall be operated so as to cause a wake in

Harbor Landing.


6)  All vessels mooring at Harbor Landing shall carry liability insurance against damage to person or property with such limits as the Board of Directors may from time to time establish. The owner shall, upon request of the Board of Directors, furnish appropriate evidence that such insurance is in full force and effect.


7)  All vessels mooring at Harbor Landing must be seaworthy, in compliance with all State and Federal Regulations and be capable of getting underway within 1 hour after notice.


8)Only 1 vessel may be moored in a slip and no vessel may overhang its mooring space. No vessel may back into slip on the sea walls.


9)All shore power connectors and cords for any vessel shall be properly sized to be equal to, or in excess of, that required for the electrical service provided. Additionally, power cords or water hoses shall not cross the walkways.


10) The dock between slips is for the use of the vessels occupants on each side.


Therefore placement of private attachments should be governed accordingly. In no case may an attachment block or restrict access to another vessel.


11) Changes, modifications, and attachments to the docks, pier, seawalls, and other Association property are either not permitted, or strictly controlled. All changes, modifications, and attachments are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.


12) Lifts, hoists, ladders, and floating platforms are permitted but, there are restric tions on their placement and construction.  Prior approval by the Board of Directors is required for these items. Contact the Management Company for details. Wooden floating platforms are not permitted.


13) Gas, oil, spirits, paints, inflammables, and other substances, which are deemed pollutant substances, may not be discharged into the waters of Harbor Landing. Boats leaking such pollutants will be reported to State and Federal authorities.


14) No refuse may be thrown overboard. All household garbage shall be securely tied in plastic trash bags and deposited in dumpsters provided for that purpose. Oil, gas, batteries, or any other hazardous materials must not be put into the dumpsters, and must be disposed of properly in compliance with City, State and Federal regulations.


15) Major topside conversion work, or other repairs that may induce irreversible flooding, such as shaft pulling or engine removal, may not be undertaken while the vessel is moored in Harbor Landing.


16) Any vessel that sinks in Harbor Landing shall be immediately removed by the owner. If the owner is not immediately available the vessel shall be removed at owners expense.


17) All persons shall reduce noise levels so that occupants of slips will not be disturbed and shall cease all maintenance and use of onboard generators between the hours of midnight and 8:00A.M. local time. Excessive noise levels shall be avoided at all times.


18) The shower and washroom facilities are for the sole use of the owners, renters, families and guests. We ask for cooperation in keeping them clean and orderly. These facilities are not to be used for storage.


19)All persons shall conduct themselves so as not constitute a public nuisance.


20) Children are to be controlled and supervised by their parents or guardians at all times. It is highly recommended that all children under the age of 12 wear a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) for their own safety on Harbor Landing property.


21) Pets will be permitted at Harbor Landing subject to the following restrictions:


A)Only domestic household pets are permitted


B)All pets shall be kept under control at all times so that they are not a nuisance or harm to others


C)All pets must be licensed as required by law.


D)All pet owners shall immediately remove and clean-up any mess created by their pets.


E) All domestic pets must be kept on a leash when they are not on their owner's vessel.


F)Pool and washroom areas are off limits to all pets.


G)Pet owners should also see the additional restrictions listed in Article VI of the Condominium by-laws.


22) All areas of Harbor Landing are to be kept clean and unobstructed at all times.

All loose gear, accessories, supplies, materials, and other personal property must be stored either in a dock box or on a vessel.  Flowerpots, and barbecue grills may be left outside only in their designated areas.  Bicycles, scooters, and the

like are to use the rack provided.


23) Drying and airing of clothing or other fabrics is only permitted on a vessel.


24) In the spirit of keeping uniformity in the harbor, all new dock boxes are to be white, of uniform construction and size, and placed as determined by the Board of Directors. Additionally, a white color shall be used when repainting dock

boxes.  Umbrellas and the umbrella covers are to reflect the same continuity and

are to be yellow in color.


25) No advertising or soliciting is permitted on any vessel within Harbor Landing without approval of the Board of Directors.  However, a 1' x 2' "For Sale" sign is permitted to be displayed on a vessel.


26) No sign, advertisement, or notice shall be exhibited, painted, or displayed anywhere in Harbor Landing except as permitted in Rule #25.


27) Fishing is not permitted from the docks, pier, or seawalls, fishing is only permit¬≠ ted from a vessel.  Cleaning of fish is not permitted in any area of Harbor Landing.


28) Swimming or recreational scuba diving is not permitted in any area of Harbor



33) Bicycling, motor biking, rollerblading, skateboarding, etc. is not permitted on sidewalks or piers.


34) Trash receptacles located within the swimming pool enclosure are provided for pool use only and are not intended as a "closer" dumping point for garbage that belongs in the dumpster.


35) Flotation devices larger than 2' x 6' are not permitted in the swimming pool. Any floating device or pool toy must be removed once the person leaves the pool area.The pool officially closes at 11:00 P.M.Iocal time.


36) All persons in Harbor Landing shall observe the posted speed limits (5 M.P.H.), no parking, and other designated signs. When operating any vehicle in the parking lot caution must be exercised.


37) Parking is permitted in striped spaces only. No parking spaces can be reserved.


38) Prior to Memorial Day and after Labor Day, utility trailers and PWC (Personal Water Craft) trailers are allowed in the parking lot for the purposes of seasonal loading and unloading.


39) Motor homes, campers, travel trailers, and other "live aboard" vehicles are not allowed in the parking lot at any time.


40) By the end of the boating season (November 15th), all dock lines, water hoses, portable grills, and flower pots not secured must be removed from Harbor Landing. The chaining of grills or other such items to the lamp posts is not allowed. All ladders and PVC dock extenders are to be raised well above current water levels to prevent ice damage.


41) Weather permitting, Harbor Landing officially opens on April 15th and closes for the winter on November 15th. All vessels are to be removed from the harbor by the closing date of November 15th.


These Rules and Regulations are supplemental to the Master Deed, and the Association By-Laws, particularly the restrictions contained in the Condominium By­ Laws, Article VI, and are subject to change by the Board of Directors.





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